Jvantspijker Architects

Jvantspijker Architects is a Rotterdam-based, fresh urban and architectural design practice. We are intrigued by diversity in (public) space, integrated sustainable solutions and in understanding and steering the project processes that are invariably the driving force behind projects. Our ultimate goal is to make things.
The Jvantspijker business model is set up flexibly, to merge the experience and momentum of large design assignments with the fresh joie de vivre of an exploring attitude. In this set-up the network is everything. As a result, these is an enormous reservoir of specialist knowledge and consulting specialists is available when necessary.
Jvantspijker Architects participates in and is co-founder of CULD, complex urban landscape design. In this joint venture with Juurlink [+] Geluk, we have combined our accumulated experiences to pursue large, complex (international) master planning.