K2LD Architects

K2LD Architects is an international practice established in Singapore in 1998 and in Melbourne in 2007.

Our Architectural Design philosophy embraces the Sense and Sensibility of Architecture.

The senses mould the intricate relationship between time, light and material to allow spatial freedom that is beautiful in its myriad of expressions. Taming these exciting relationships materializes in an architectural experience. The sensibilities of Architecture advocate an understanding of the ways the natural beauty of materials can be brought out in construction, enhancing the imaginative appreciation of the way in which materials partake in the design.

We believe that design emerges from an intensive dialogue with our Clients, a sensitive study of the site and the Client’s brief. We strive to achieve design solutions in line with current developments in architectural technologies and expression, while capturing space and light in tangible form, giving meaning to Architecture.

We are not driven by design “ style “. Beauty and freedom is born out of the intensive process of creation and continuous refinement of ideas and structure intimately connected to space, function and context.

At K2LD Architects, we are firmly committed to providing the highest quality of architectural design that responds to the environment and aspirations of our Clients.

LOCATION: Singapore / Melbourne, Australia
LEARN MORE: https://www.k2ld.com/