Kostas Chatzigiannis Architecture

Kostas Chatzigiannis Architecture is a Shanghai based Architecture practice led by architect Kostas Chatzigiannis. During 11 years in Asia, we have completed projects that range from the urban scale to the architectural and interior design of buildings.

We are interested in all scales of the architecture design spectrum and we offer site specific and aesthetic design solutions to meet each project’s needs.

Originally from Greece, an inspiring architectural environment, Kostas’ approach to each project is to explore the possibilities of connection and integration to the modern urban context. We are fascinated by the materiality of things whether we oversee the renovation of a heritage building or a modern design with new construction methods.

Our services target the complete and thoughtful execution of each project, starting from conceptual design to construction and production of custom items.
LOCATION: Shanghai, China
LEARN MORE: http://www.kcarchitecture.org/