Lexi Westergard Design

Lexi Westergard Design is a full-service interior design firm specializing in luxury residential projects. Lexi and her team tend to every detail from concept to completion to provide a true turnkey experience. They marry efficiency and aesthetics to create a timeless backdrop for your lifestyle.

Lexi and team are experts in designing new-construction homes from scratch, renovating existing spaces, and coordinating furnishings and finishes. They flawlessly adapt their approach to meet the needs of each client. Lexi’s work is best described as layered, but polished. Her design choices compliment the natural characteristics of the home and the lives lived within.

Interior design clients of Lexi Westergard Design enjoy a stress-free collaborative experience. They get a front-row seat to the creative process without having to deal with any of the cumbersome details that come with a custom new home or major renovation.

Specializing in designing beautiful family homes in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area. The LWD team brings function to high-end design.

Lexi and her team craft every environment by hand, from space planning to textural elements. The result is a new, renovated, or refreshed home that exceeds expectations with classic sensibility and functionality for modern lives.

LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona
LEARN MORE: https://www.lexiwestergarddesign.com/