Liminal Studio

Liminal Studio is an interdisciplinary architecture and design practice, revered for design excellence, creativity and their embrace of collaboration. Their interdisciplinary approach is captured through the Studio’s Liminal Architecture, Liminal Spaces and Liminal Objects identities.
‘Liminal’ means at the threshold; exploring the potential of what can be. This drives Liminal’s approach on every project.
The Studio is a globally connected, creatively agile think-tank that integrates design and architecture with the disciplines interior design, furniture, object design, arts, curation and production design.
Underpinning Liminal’s work is the view that the quality of the environment we operate in, its connectedness to place and people, stimulates creativity, impacts on our desire to visit or inhabit those places, as well as our productivity, health and general wellbeing.
Liminal is known for pushing boundaries and is driven by the belief that to create new design frontiers, collaboration across broader disciplines drives new thinking and empowers communities.
Liminal Studio is headquartered in Hobart, Tasmania.
LOCATION: Hobart, Tasmania