Loft Buro

We live for creating, we create for a living. Loft Buro is a creative team of professional architects, designers, engineers and artists since 2004. The studio pays particular attention to their activities on interior design with the planning of about a hundred restaurants, bars, discotheques, offices, hotels. Working in Ukraine and worldwide, with several projects implemented abroad: Switzerland (Thun), Germany (Duisburg), Spain (Lloret de Mar, Barcelona), Malta, Italy, Egypt, Georgia (Batumi), Belarus. The main goal is looking for a sense of wonder and excitement, something that Loft Buro clearly understands. “We look at historical facts, study legends, history and culture and then adapt these influences with new materials and the latest design trends. Our concept is to be focused more on an interior philosophy, through research of symbols and colour solutions. We want to demonstrate personal individuality, and, thanks to historical experience, we really have so much to share with the world,”. And throughout Loft Buro’s projects, colour is cleverly used to develop each projects narrative. Designers do not fear to experiment with textures, materials, art objects, but approach it instinctively and emotionally. Many pieces of furniture and décor are custom made for every single interior. Loft Buro is focused on professionalism compounds individuality, design solutions, new technologies and respect to the environment.

LOCATION: Kiev, Ukraine