Lynn K. Leonidas

Principal interior designer Lynn K. Leonidas is known for bringing her California sensibility to collected and casual interiors. She is inspired by a home’s architecture, using it to jump-start a modern design that carefully links its history to its present beginnings. Her favorite part of the business is researching classical detailing and furnishings with the hopes of fostering her clients’ excitement for timeless design.
With a background in Bay Area luxury interiors and design project management, Lynn understands and respects the working relationships formed with the team of specialists bringing your project to life. Her work in the field of interior design for the past 10 years has led to the development of her unique style and a fulfilling network with the industry’s best craftspeople. She attributes her start in design to her upbringing with a contractor father who instilled her with a comprehension for building techniques and materials. She holds degrees in Interior Architecture & Design as well as English Language & Literature.