Madeleine Design Group

About Madeleine Design Group

Madeleine Design Group is a Vancouver-based firm specializing in residential and corporate applications. MDG provides an extensive knowledge in residential renovations, retail and corporate spaces. The care at MDG is evident throughout projects from conceptual planning to personally seeing through the build in partnership with general contractors. We strive to carry out passion for beauty, functionality and creativity that accent the connections throughout any space.

Madeleine Sloback
Before starting her career as an Interior Designer, Madeleine worked as a finishing carpenter on commercial and high-end residential projects, building a knowledge base of how each elements of construction work together.
Madeleine’s knowledge of construction combined with her passion for catered, functional, and creative interiors has helped her create spaces that are unique and distinctive to each individual client.

Tyler Bouchard
Tyler began his career at a high end architectural firm where he found his passion for residential interior design. Now, with 10 years of experience, his skill and attention to detail have made him well known in Vancouver’s design industry.
From custom homes to extensive renovations, Tyler has the experience and skill to dream up and design innovative and beautiful spaces for any aesthetic.

Carol Chan
Carol’s strong technical skills and her ability to work with clients in English, Cantonese and Mandarin make her an invaluable addition to our team.
Beginning her career in the high-end residential and commercial industry, Carol has a love for contemporary and transitional design that has been influenced by her travels abroad and emerging trends in the design industry.

LOCATION: Vancouver, Canada