Marchi Architectes

Adélaïde Marchi (born in 1973, graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris la Seine) and Nicola Marchi (born in 1968, graduate of the Milan Polytechnic) founded Marchi Architectes in 2004.
Together, they always bring an attentive eye to the environment, and thereby to people, in how they begin a project. This in no way limits their scope of intervention – to the contrary. From the micro to the macro, they find solutions adapted to the space they have to work with, extremely aware that “every concept systematically rests on an economic plan.” This is why they work with existing natural materials, to the degree possible, and have a preference for modular structures, and take great care in working out the details of construction. This allows them to achieve sincerity in expressing the subject.
LOCATION: Paris, France