Mark Szczerbicki Design Studio

Mark Szczerbicki Design Studio was formed in 2013. Based in Sydney, the studio offers a full range of architecture and design services and operates within a wide spectrum of site, budget, social/cultural and planning control frameworks.

Our aim is to respond to every new set of requirements in a practical and custom-designed way, while achieving a high level of beauty, sustainability, long-lasting quality and uplifting atmosphere for each project. We work simultaneously in a variety of scales, ranging from custom light fittings and furniture pieces through to apartment developments and master plan proposals.

The studio is currently involved in projects including new houses, residential alterations and additions, multi-unit housing, as well as small commercial and public buildings. In addition to architectural practice, Mark is actively involved in design research and education. He is a recipient of the Byera Hadley Travelling Scholarship, one of the organizers of Urban Islands, and a Masters Studio tutor at UNSW.

Mark Szczerbicki Design Studio is an Australian Institute of Architects A+ Member.

LOCATION: Sydney, Australia