Martín Schmidt Radic Arquitectos Asociados

About Martín Schmidt Radic Arquitectos Asociados

Martín Schmidt Radic Arquitectos Asociados is a Studio for Architecture led by Martin Schmidt R. specialized in the design and development of projects such as urban, corporate buildings, houses, interior, furniture and industrial design. Originally created in 2001 from the practice led for 30 years by Horacio Schmidt C., and before him by his father, Horacio Schmidt G. establishing a tradition of excellence, now passed to his son Martin Schmidt R. who brought his vast experience working for known Architects both in Chile and abroad, Postgraduate studies and teaching.

Our philosophy is based in the interaction of the ideas from the site and time where the project is placed, the commission and active work with the client and our convincement that every project is unique and unrepeatable. As a result our projects are diverse, contemporary, related by profound ideas that go beyond the form. Ideas such as the preponderance of space and light, relationship between interior and exterior spaces, materials and their influence in the design are the inspiration to our work. We give a great importance to all the phases and scales of a project. Meticulous detailing and the use of 3D models and CAD enable us to design every part of a building in the same concept as the whole. In the same way we believe in the interaction of all the specialists involved in the project.

LOCATION: Santiago, Chile