Martins Lucena Architects

About Martins Lucena Architects

Founded in 2009 with the association of young architects and urban planners Kleimer Martins and Márcio Lucena, both graduated in architecture and urbanism from Federal University of Paraíba – UFPB in 2006, Martins Lucena Institute is headquartered in the city of João Pessoa – Paraíba, throughout the national territory. Develops projects of various scales and natures, both for the private sector and for the public sector, be they residential, commercial, services or institutional, as well as environments, combining the design of furniture and the creation of ambiences. Projects that search in order to associate themselves with modernist legacies as contemporary issues, valuing functionality and translation in formal expressions that affirm the peculiarities of each edification. The professional vision of Martins Lucena Architects adopts the concept of an application beyond the beautiful by its essence, it must be sustainable and inclusive.

As the construction process begins, it is imperative that it adopt as sustainability techniques, when it is committed to the performance of its functional and energetic system in relation to the activities that house it, respecting the place where it is inserting a gentle dialogue with the landscape. The practical work was associated with engineering and consulting companies, thus achieving the development and management of large projects that require a multidisciplinary team on architects and engineers. They also work in the administration, monitoring and execution of residential and commercial works, as well as participate in national and international architectural contests.

LOCATION: Paraíba, Brasil