MASQ architecture

MASQ architecture is a practice that fuses experience, innovation and a commitment to pursue each project with an intelligent and responsive mode of working. We believe in specificity and originality. Our schemes are characteristic of these notions and we do not adopt fixed or preconceived ideas. We are not interested in trends or fashion and do not view projects in formulaic or prescribed ways. We see each project as an opportunity to enhance a particular circumstance, providing a new overlay and reading of place and program.
We have a long standing interest in residential architecture including individual private houses, medium density and urban scale projects. We believe that the places we live in are of paramount importance to our well being and have profound influence upon greater social structures. Much of our effort is invested in producing residential buildings that enhance the built environment and that hopefully can be seen as an exemplary. Our ideological framework is critical in maintaining congruence in the work we produce and the ability to critically assess, rethink and question is pivotal to the success of the practice.
LOCATION: Rosebery, Sydney, New South Wales