Matthew Woodward Architecture

Matthew Woodward Architecture

About Matthew Woodward Architecture

It’s your project. It’s your home. It should look and act true to you, not us.

Our intention is to unearth what you want your home to look and feel like. And then, create a space that meets your expectations — in every way.

We create homes connecting you with nature. In those tiny moments — when the sun is setting and the house is quiet — we want you to feel calm and still.

Lightly touching the earth, our buildings exist in harmony within their particular environment. Everything we do, from selecting earthy textures of materials to positioning a window, starts with a deep respect for nature. By nature, we mean the land, water, life and vegetation. But also, the sun, the moon, mother earth and the divine.

Working with us is an open, collaborative experience. We love working with big-picture thinkers who share our passion for nature, unafraid of pushing the limits of your imagination and enjoy making decisions together. We’re straightforward, business-minded, and completely transparent when it comes to costs and timings.

We aren’t your typical stiff-collared architects. We don’t like being chained to our desks. Instead, you’ll find us climbing rock escarpments trying to find a new perspective. And, we’re always up for a good laugh.

LOCATION: Balgowlah, New South Wales, Australia