OOIIO Architecture

OOIIO Architecture is an international team of architects, designers and engineers engaged in finding this special “I don’t know what it is” that makes a work unique, exciting and able to transmit sensations.
OOIIO’s creative process is completely open and random. When the team starts a project, they never know how exactly it will end. That’s why they introduce countless stimulus and references throughout the design process.
This constant search for poetical links to architecture makes the architects look at the world with open eyes and helps them to make each of their projects unique and outstanding.

Joaquín Millán Villamuelas is the founder and director of OOIIO Architecture. He holds a Master of Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, where he is pursuing a PhD in Architectural Design. He is a member of the Architects Registration Board (ARB) in the UK and of the Architectural Association of Spain—Castilla La Mancha (COACM) and Madrid (COAM).