Paulo Merlini Architects

Paulo Merlini

About Paulo Merlini Architects

PAULO MERLINI architects is an architectural practice based in Gondomar, Portugal.

Highly motivated by our personal motto US IS MORE, our main concern is to create spaces that give people the right stimuli, positively influencing their homeostatic levels. This is a concern based in the notion that we´re the product of an evolution with millions of years.

The speed imposed in the last hundred and fifty years has sent us apart of our natural evolving speed. We can no longer ignore the fact that we´re living trapped in bodies that aren´t prepared for this new ever growing reality dominated by architecture. As such, as creators of this new world, we have the obligation to adapt external space to our bodies and not the other way around. For that, here at the office we focus on the knowledge of the human body, mainly on the response of the human brain to exterior stimuli.

We think our works as pieces of positive manipulation of the human brain.

LOCATION: Gondomar, Portugal