Petra Gipp Arkitektur

Petra Gipp arkitektur was founded in 2009 and currently has 10 employees. We have an ambition to create architecture with a thoughtful relationship to the client’s requirements and the nature of the place. We work in depth with spatial design, movement and technical problem solving to achieve an architectural whole. The work is based on a main idea and continues down to the design of parts and the choice of materials.
The projects development is done in close collaboration with clients, craftsmen and suppliers to design an architectural as well as economic and ecologically justifiable solution. The aspiration of our practice is to create buildings that relate to their specific conditions through their simple and distinctly articulated spaces that relate to the specific circumstances of each project; sensitivity to the location, the light and its nature. Without compromising matters of functionality and logistics, the issues relevant to each project are addressed in line with the main concept, which shapes the expression of materials and defines the scale and proportions of the architecture. A quality building has a longer life and it encourages its caretakers to maintain it with pride.