Plus Ultra Studio


The Latin expression PLUS ULTRA literally means ‘forward’, ‘beyond’.
PLUS ULTRA is a design studio based in Milan and Pesaro, Italy, founded in 2016 by Alessandra Castelbarco Albani and Marco Di Nallo. Through a network of collaborations, PLUS ULTRA deals with multiple areas and projects at different scales: from architecture, to exhibition design and setups, to research and curatorship of cultural projects.

PLUS ULTRA Studio was born from the desire to go beyond the disciplinary boundaries of architecture by interpreting the project as a creative process applicable to different areas of culture. It interprets
the existing as a historical, economic or social resource to be enhanced through the project, regardless of the scale or type of intervention. Recently it took part in various competitions aimed to the adaptive reuse or restyling of historical buildings, some of them listed.
For example, they participated in the invitation competition for the set-up of the piano nobile of Palazzo Ducale in Urbino; or in the competition for the restyling of the interiors of Palazzo dei Giureconsulti in Milan, where they got third place.

Over time it has gained experience especially in the field of interior design and has won a number of awards including the selection as best emerging interior design studio for the WIN AWARDS 2017.

LOCATION: Milan and Pesaro, Italy