Rebelo de Andrade Architecture & Design

Luís Rebelo de Andrade graduated in Architecture from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, in 1986. Before engaging definitively in architecture, he aspired to be a sculptor, and his passion for sculpture gave him a particular and distinctive understanding of the place of architecture in the landscape. While attending the course he developed partnerships with Intergaup, a nationally and internationally acclaimed architectural atelier that has been awarded a number of distinctions.
He opened his own atelier in 1989 and his work gained recognition very early on in Portugal, with projects such as the British Embassy (1990) and Casa do Artista (1991), both in Lisbon, meriting widespread praise. From then onwards, he has imprinted his brand, both in Portugal and abroad, which is as distinctive as it is discreet.
More than an architecture of imposition, Luís proposes and practices an architecture that overcomes, surpasses, founded on the belief that it is at the meeting point between opposites that the perpetuity that characterises his best work arise. With their vision placed firmly in the future, Luís and his atelier nourish a profound concern for the visual and ecological footprint of the projects they accomplish.
The architecture of the Rebelo de Andrade atelier consists of striving to ensure that each project overcomes the existing divergences, delivering the best result possible to the customer, while in this process respecting the underlying rules and complementing the landscape in a harmonious fashion.
LOCATION: Lisboa, Portugal