RS+ Robert Skitek

The original RS+ Robert Skitek  studio was founded in 2001.
The founder and main designer is architect Robert Skitek, a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture of the Silesian University of Technology (diploma 1999).

We guarantee a professional attitude to every design issue. With great commitment and enthusiasm, we are happy to undertake challenging projects. This is how the first water playground in Poland in Tychy and the development of the Paprocany lake shore were created.

In order to provide a complex service we cooperate with a number of designers, engineers, design companies of all industries and experienced cost estimators.

We don’t have a fixed price list. Each project is priced individually on the basis of your exact expectations and specific scope. In case of a request for a valuation of project, first prepare as much data as possible of the planned investment or contact us by phone.

LOCATION: RS+ Robert Skitek