Singular Studio

Under the conviction that architecture is the most public of the arts and therefore, is the one that most interacts with society, in 2009 José Moragues founded Singular Studio, an office of architecture and urbanism that, more than by possibility, arose because of the responsibility to create intense and timeless spaces that excite people without the need to follow fashions, and where imagination and discipline at work give way to technical rigor to solve the tasks accurately.
Singular Studio develops urbanism, residential, endowing or tertiary projects of public or private initiative. We understand the result because of the process, and to avoid any interferences, we carry on the services of architecture, quantity surveyor, urbanism and project management, understanding these works from a multidisciplinary environment.
Qualified Architect by the International University of Catalonia since 2005, José Moragues Puga is also Master in Collective Housing, Master in Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture and holds the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DCTA) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.