Studio H Design

Studio H Design was founded by Nathan Heller, AIA in 2007 with the idea that architecture is at its best when it serves as the bridge between the built environment and the personalized needs of a client.
Studio H Design adheres to the philosophy that both client and site have equal importance and that exploring the interaction between the two leads towards an individualized, site-specific design solution. This approach frees the design process of the limitations of a preconceived style language and allows Studio H Design to create innovative designs, drawing from a wide range of contemporary and traditional elements to tailor each project to the client and site.
Using this approach, the studio has designed a wide range of successful projects, including luxury homes and ranches, large and small commercial buildings, resort and hospitality projects, multifamily housing, liturgical buildings, and historic rehabilitation and renovation work. Several recent projects have employed warm, inviting materials blended with clean modern forms in the Mountain Modern style.

LOCATION: Bozeman, Montana