Terra Studio

Terra Studio is the foundation on which we build and the source of materials used to construct the settings for our lives. Our existence relies upon the earth and all it provides.

To build responsibly requires an understanding of the elements of construction and the impact of our assemblies on the social and physical worlds. Design is a process of inquiry into the changes that will occur when ideas are brought into reality.

From a careful addition onto an existing home, to a significant redesign of a public space, to a full scale reconfiguration of an urban district, Terra Studio works towards improving the relationship between human experience, the built surroundings and the natural environment.

We strive towards aesthetically and technologically resolved solutions that answer to the diverse needs and aspirations of our clients and bring a sense of poetry to daily life.

Architecture has the potential to integrate humanity with the world and support an enduring and meaningful existence.  Terra Studio is dedicated to this purpose.

LOCATION: Philadelphia
LEARN MORE: http://www.terra-studio.com/