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About Adrien Williams

Specialized in architectural and design photography, Adrien Williams is renowned for his sleek and contemporary style that showcases his mastery of lighting, contrast and perspective. Based in Montreal, this up-and-coming photographer has worked across North America – including Detroit, Chicago, New York, Toronto, and Vancouver – as well as in Portugal. His work has garnered numerous accolades and awards.

LOCATION: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
LEARN MORE: adrienwilliams.com

Minimalist Mid-Century House With Plant-Covered Wall

Minimalist Mid-Century House With Plant-Covered Wall

This minimalist mid-century house was completed by Naturehumaine Architects in 2017. The first step for this detached house from the late 1940s was to open the rear facade onto the garden with a 24-foot (7.4 m) sliding bay window. By taking away the intermediary support element, this intervention removes the barriers to the outdoor terrace.

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