Brenda Liu Photography

Brenda’s love of photography and design can be traced back to her childhood; playing with lego, admiring homes in Western Living magazine, a keen interest in perspective drawing and photographing with her father’s Pentax Spotmatic. It wasn’t until she was living in Japan while teaching English that the two loves intersected and made a conscious impression on her mind. With her camera in hand, she began documenting the surrounding built environment during her travels. She decided to pursue a degree in photography and since then has been actively photographing architecture, interiors and landscape design in Canada.

Working for over 10 years, Brenda Liu has photographed many award winning projects for a variety of clients including architects, interior designers, landscape architects and editorial magazines. Her photographs are regularly featured in various publications in print and on the web. Her passion for design is reflected in her dedication for creating exceptional images that communicate her clients’ vision and approach to design.
LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada