Fernando Schapochnik Photography

Fernando Schapochnik (1986) is an Argentinian architect and photographer who mostly practices architectural photography. Graduated in architecture from the University of Buenos Aires and specialized in photography at the School of Andy Goldstein (Buenos Aires), he participated in several photography workshops dealing with architecture and urbanism. Among his works on architecture, the “1 minute series” is a set of four videos about four iconic buildings in Europe. In his videos the architectures are narrated in spontaneous, almost familiar manner and experienced through the sensory interaction between the viewers and the architectural spaces. Instead of sophisticated techniques or rational interpretations, the author uses only a cellphone and focuses on the powerful impact on the senses that an intimate journey through Le Corbusier’s Ronchamp, Antoni Gaudí’s Park Guell, SANAA’s Rolex Learning Center and OMA’s Kunsthal can have on visitors. He collaborates with Torrado Architects, f9 studio and works as a freelance photographer for various studies and publications. Selected as a speaker at various photographic exhibitions, Schapochnik is an assistant professor at the Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo in Buenos Aires.
LOCATION: Buenos Aires, Argentina
LEARN MORE: http://www.fernandoschapo.com/