Michael Woodall Photography

Michael Woodall photographs everything from architecture and album covers to products and people. His work has appeared internationally and in national publications such as Item Magazine, Phoenix Home and Garden and Desert Living Magazine, Umen. His first exposure to photography came from his father who took pictures for the army: “As a kid, I’d lay my toys out on the bed and use dad’s camera to shoot my toy spaceships & tractors”.

Michael was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, moved to Phoenix when he was 12 and has studied the work of professionals with unique ways of viewing their subjects for as long as he can remember. Prior to going solo, he assisted some of the top photographers in the country, where he learned that “anyone can take a picture, but few know how to light one. Once I figured out how to make the equipment do what I wanted it to do. I started to understand the nature of light and how it reacts to things. That’s when it all became second nature.”

When Michael talks about photography he pulses with exuberant energy, often jumping around conversationally, as if his surroundings were secretly informing him. Maybe it’s his childhood fascination with the way light plays on the surface of things. Maybe this relationship with light is why people are increasingly eager to be the next subject of his photographs. One thing’s for sure: If Michael is not playing with the light right now, there’s a good chance he’s about to catch up with it.
LOCATION: Phoenix, Arizona
LEARN MORE: https://www.michaelwoodall.com/

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