Sebastian Dörken Photography

Sebastian Dörken is sbdsgn. He is a graduate designer (University of applied science).

As trained advertising merchant (IHK) Sebastian took up his studies at the KISD, Köln International School of Design. Along with his studies he worked as a freelancer on behalf of various well-known companies such as the design bureau QWER (Köln), the Wayshower Bureau Mijksenaar (Amsterdam) and others. Sebastian further worked at the design unit at \TBWA, Rosefish in Hamburg.

After his employment as an art director at SUGOS – an eyewear mail order company – Sebastian Dörken worked as a freelance designer in Berlin for projects of A&B ONE, GREENKERN, _edenspiekermann and many more.

Sebastian is currently working for his own clients and for one of the leading Interior Design offices Kinzo as a content creator.

LOCATION: Berlin, Germany