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About Will Scott

Will Scott is a photographer & film maker, whose work focuses on the built environment and its relationship with the places and people around it.

Shortlisted for the arcaid architectural photographer of the year award in 2016, his work combines a keen architectural eye with a documentary approach. His lack of a traditional ‘architectural’ background, common to many other architectural photographers, allows him to approach commission with a fresh set of eyes for a unique perspective.

Commercially, Will shoots for a range of clients, including: Architects, interior designers, builders lighting designers and others involved in the construction of place and space.

His personal work is also focused on the built environment, but tends to feature historical buildings, often overlooked architectural typologies – 2018 saw his first major exhibition and a first book, on his series ‘Seaside Shelter’.

Clients include: Hawkins\Brown, Stanton Williams, Buckley Gray Yeoman, Shatotto Architecture for Green Living, Cempedak Island, Mclean Quinlan, Liddicoat & Goldhill, PLP Architects, Squint/Opera, Spratley & Partners, Finkernagel Ross, Studio Fractal, iGuzzini, London Projects, Hilton Hotels and many more.

Will is based in the UK – split between London & Edinburgh – but available for commission worldwide.

LOCATION: London & Edinburgh / UK
LEARN MORE: willscottphotography.com