Solar Chargers, Smart Devices for Home and Office

Solar chargers, smart devicesNowadays technology is an important part of our lives, but it should not lack a touch of style and beauty! I love nature and I would say I am nostalgically conservative, but these smart interior design accessories are just great! Have you ever thought that the charger of your smart phone or tablet can be simply beautiful and a smart accessory?

Well, the team from XD DESIGN has created solar chargers that look like plants and fit every desk and household. Even a bonsai might be a smart device!
Solar chargers, smart devicesThese chargers (the solar sunshine, the solar sunflower, the Ginko solar tree and the solar suntree) have integrated solar panels and will store energy and pass it to the mobile phone, your tablet or your MP3 Player. They are environment friendly because they are built using natural materials. The biomaterial of the Sunshine is made of corn residual, while the Suntree has a stem of handmade bamboo wood. As a consequence these electronic accessories have the interesting property of reducing CO2 emission. Here is a riddle for you: what is small, nice looking, sticks to your window and gives free solar energy for your smart devices? Well it’s the brilliant XD Window charger and I should mention that is also a less expensive solution than the previous three. XD DESIGN has a philosophy of transforming a common object into a beautifully smart one giving to it a sense of emotion and simplicity. They aim to differentiate and I think they succeed as their products are practical and in the same time amazing! Each idea of this team of young designers is unique and has a particular beauty!

design and home accessoriesSolar chargers, smart devices - design and home accessories
design and home accessoriesSolar chargers, smart devicesdesign and home accessories

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Solar phone chargers, smart devicesphone solar chargers

phone solar chargersGinko solar tree home accessories

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