10 White Bedroom Ideas for a Peaceful Escape

Your bedroom should be a place of refuge, a haven where you can unwind and find peace. Keeping this in mind, it makes sense why many designers prefer all-white bedroom designs. The light calming shades create an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, exuding calmness. However, getting “the look” right is not always easy. Too much of the same shade of white can be hard on the eyes, leaving you uneasy and overwhelmed.

In this article, we review bedrooms from top designers, sharing ideas that we hope our readers can draw inspiration from.

Here’s our list of 10 white bedroom designs that work:

1. Make a Statement Bed

White bed frame by Instrument furniture
White bed frame by Instrument furniture

Let’s start with beds since they’re central to the bedroom.

In the image above, a large brilliant white bed has been used to make a statement. It features chrome trimmings that accentuate the neutral shade, and a padded headboard adds some texture. We also love how this bed doubles up as a storage solution.

Subtle hints of brown, grey and beige meld together to bring the “white” of the room together, magically calming the environment without making it come across as bland.

2. Modern White Furniture

Mona white wardrobe by Instrument furniture / 10 White Bedroom Ideas for a Peaceful Escape
Mona white wardrobe by Instrument furniture

This contemporary room includes a large white wardrobe with mirrored panels that reflect the white shades to create a bright and airy space.

In the past, wardrobes were an afterthought – often kept plain so they’d humbly tuck themselves away in a room. These days, they can be the highlight of a design, especially since there are so many interesting and modern designs to choose from. Buy contemporary white wardrobes online by clicking here.

3. Layers of Texture

Liz Marie Galvin design / 10 White Bedroom Ideas for a Peaceful Escape
Liz Marie Galvin design

In this bedroom, a classic mantle headboard was used to add architectural interest against the plain white walls. More texture was added using a chunky cable-knit throw that was strategically placed on subtly striped linen. Splashes of copper finish the look to create a harmonised room that’s warm and optimally sophisticated.

4. Pop of Colour

Alicia Wood Lifestyle design
Alicia Wood Lifestyle design

If you find all-white too intimidating or too overwhelming, then break neutral tones with “pops” of bright colour.

In the example above, hints of magenta were added to the bedroom to give it a feminine touch, but also to make the room more welcoming – and peaceful!

5. Cream Dream

Elizabeth Brosnan Hourihan design
Elizabeth Brosnan Hourihan design

The great thing about “white” is that it comes in many different shades. You can cool a room down using greys or you can warm it up using creamy whites.

Adding shades of cream and beige certainly does make a room feel cosey and can be used to give a space more depth.

We just love how the cream carpet and beige accents pull this room together.

6. Into the Woods

Maria Carr design
Maria Carr design

This airy cottage bedroom is awash in a variety of white hues, from white painted planked walls and a white slipcovered chair to soft and chic bed linen.

The ocean of white was cleverly broken up using wooden accents, including a wooden floor and door. A pine bench was also added to the end of the bed.

This design offers an excellent example of how raw wood can be paired with white for calming results. This technique works best with country cottages and ocean villas.

7. White Light

Lighting by Ever Store
Lighting by Ever Store

White sparky lights aren’t just for the festive season. You can illuminate your room all year round!

This look combines tranquillity with a certain energy. The result is a peaceful bedroom with a spiritual or “energised” element. These dainty lights can be purchased from various online stores at a reasonable price.

8. Inspired by Nature

Design by Timeless
Design by Timeless

Indoor plants are currently trending. But despite the fad, we just love how the rich green hues of the foliage enhance the whiteness of a bedroom for an “inspired by nature” look.

This concept will suit the tastes of nature lovers, but it will also appeal to those who don’t get to spend as much time outdoors as they’d like. The greenery enhances restorative energy and makes you feel like you can unwind and breathe.

9. Minimalist

NUKO Studio design
NUKO Studio design

Keeping things simple, this contemporary room by NUKO Studios goes for a minimalist look using greys and whites to add the subtlest forms of intrigue to the setting.

Take the plant out if you wish or leave it in for the restorative feeling we spoke about in the section above.

We also love how the headboard flows from wall to wall to omit the need for side tables.

10. Room With a View

Bartłomiej Senkowski design
Bartłomiej Senkowski design

In this example, the room is designed to be an expansion of the view. Raw wood flooring and crisp white sheets and furniture combine to create a space that flows with the outdoors.

A soft, fluffy carpet warms the lookup – which is perfect for colder days where you want a room that’s cosey and comforting.

The bottom line…

Going all-white in a bedroom can be daunting, you don’t feel like you’re being engulfed by the shade. But – if you stick to some of the surefire ways of designing a white bedroom we shared above – you’re certain to have your own little bit of heaven on earth!

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