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Bolko Loft. This is How Przemo Lukasik Lives

In Silesia, in Bytom, in close proximity to a mine, the Bolko Loft was created – the family home of Przemo Lukasik – an architect who, despite an international career and spectacular projects around the world

What is a Loft Style Home

What is a Loft Style Home

A loft style home is a type of residency that is characterized by an open layout. There are high ceilings in this house which depicts an industrial aesthetic

Castelli Loft / Grizzo Studio

Castelli Loft / Grizzo Studio

The Castelli loft is developed on two levels. To continue with the factory aesthetics of the building, black-painted sheet metal was used on the railings and bridge, and the carpentry was changed to black.

living room

Greene Street Loft, SoHo / DXA Studio

47-49 Greene Street, a 6-story building between Broome and Grand Street in the landmarked district of SoHo, is an extant example of the mixed iron-and-masonry construction of the post-Civil war period.

kitchen, living space

The Hottest Loft / Shlomit Zeldman

The Hottest Loft, located in an old building in the city center, is only 86 square meters and was meticulously planned according to the constraints of supporting columns and beams.

living room

Wilhelmina Chapel Loft / Taanbaas

Project: Wilhelmina Chapel Loft Architecture: Taanbaas Location: Maarssen, The Netherlands Year: 2023 Photo Credits: Mooigoed Ontwikkelaars The Wilhelmina chapel in Maarssen is part of the build local heritage and dates from 1901. The building is transformed into al lofty and spacious residential house. An important part of the design was to maintain the special character

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