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Arago Apartment, Barcelona / Miriam Barrio Studio

With a fresh and Mediterranean look, this penthouse is located on the roof of a building next to Casa Batlló, and its orientation allows you to enjoy stunning views of the city and the sea.

Cyprus Office for International Crypto-Trading Company 3Commas

The office for 3Commas became one of the first projects of ZIKZAK Architects on Cyprus. Therefore, the team had to immediately immerse themselves in a new environment and understand the differences in the design process.

K Haus, Hamburg / Asdfg Architekten

K Haus, built of solid wood on a reinforced concrete basement, pursues an open living concept with height offsets to differentiate the space, with stairs that not only serve as access, but also as lounge and play areas

House Zepp by Fuchs Wacker Architekten

This townhouse formulates the need for retreat and understatement in a contemporary language of colour and form.

Carthona House by Daniel Boddan Studio

Carthona House turns a modern lens to the extension of a Federation home in Mosman, constructing an artisanal and elemental sensibility that speaks to the rituals of Australian living.

1180 Fourth Street Apartments in San Francisco

The project marks the corner of Fourth and Channel Streets as a gateway to San Francisco’s burgeoning new Mission Bay south neighborhood. It houses 150 low income, and formerly homeless individuals and families, currently including 261 children.

Old Rustic Apartment Renovation in Jakarta

Monolodge is a 90 square meter apartment located in one of the oldest apartment complexes in South Jakarta, designed by Co+in Collaborative Lab to restyle the old apartment unit while incorporating the character of industrial rustic contemporary.

Ferneto Workspace by Rómulo Neto Architects

The concept of the building was created taking into account the company’s principal activity, thisbeing, the production of bakery and pastry machines which produce dough for bread and pastries.

Duplex Penthouse in Jerusalem – Homage to the Holy City

This property, a duplex penthouse in Jerusalem owned by a Miami-based family of six, is by no means a standard holiday home.

Pleasant Valley House, Austin / Lemmo Architecture and Design

Ryan and Stephanie Lemmo, owners of Lemmo Architecture and Design, set out to build a new home for themselves and their growing family which consisted of their young daughter and a son on the way.

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