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La Ramona Apartment, Barcelona / CRÜ Studio

La Ramona was presented with an office configuration inside an extremely delicate and urbanistically catalogued building. In order to reclaim the construction’s essential features, partitions were demolished and the structural elements were stripped out.

Office in Dubai for an International IT Company

ZIKZAK Architects designed an office space for a Tech company, inspired by the exterior of the business center in which it is located. This is a world-famous building in Dubai, Opus by Ominyat. The exquisite office is already built and in the process of settling employees.

Jardins Munique House by Leo Romano

The Jardins Munique house is defined by two monolithic blocks that make up the main façade. The idea is an elegant, simple volumetry with pure language, contrasting with the lush forest surrounding the land.

A Three-Story Private House in a Center City of Israel

A couple of clients moved from an apartment to a private three-story house in a regenerating neighborhood in the central area of Israel. The couple has two children aged 10 and 12 and one daughter at the age 22.

Mocabee House / Gustave Carlson Design

The Mocabee house is set like a stage that overlooks the orchard, the Monterey pine trees to the South, the neighbors sheep, and a distant Mayacamas Mountain and vineyard view.

Caesarea Residence by Israelevitz Architects

Hila Israelevitz, one of the owners of the Israelevitz Architects Office, designed an exciting, powerful residential space for them that lends dignity to the natural resources surrounding them as well as natural materials, volume and dimensions.

Gardiner & Theobald Offices, London

Oktra were asked to reinterpret the way Gardiner & Theobald used their existing space in order to meet current workplace trends and employee expectations.

Ginowan House, Japan / Matsuyama Architect and Associates

A house for a family of 5 was requested on the sloping land. The initial proposal was to build a multi-storey building to regain the vista toward the ocean.

Green Park Apartment / Designers Pavel and Svetlana Alekseevs

The total area of the Green Park Apartment is 85 square meters. The customers wanted to get the most ergonomic space, with notes of brutalism and bright accents in the interior. In every room there are elements of wood.

Agile Workplace, Sydney / Cox Architecture

The building’s 25,000sqm scale allowed COX to develop an Agile workplace with strong planning principles – rich in amenities, culture, connectivity and identity. The result is a tailored workplace design that consolidates the client’s resources to support communication and diversity, with a strong focus on human interaction.

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