Explore the epitome of luxury living with our collection of stunning penthouses. This category features exquisite penthouse designs from around the world, showcasing sophisticated interiors, breathtaking views, and unparalleled amenities. Discover how architects and designers create these exclusive spaces, blending opulence with comfort to deliver the ultimate urban living experience. From modern minimalist aesthetics to lavishly decorated retreats, each penthouse offers a unique perspective on high-end residential design, inspiring those who seek the very best in their homes.

Verona Penthouse / Bricolo Falsarella

Verona Penthouse / Bricolo Falsarella

Discover the Verona Penthouse, a stunning architectural project located in the heart of Verona. Explore the meticulous restoration process and the beautiful, authentic craftsmanship uncovered beneath the layers.

Casa de la Torre / Arqflores

Casa de la Torre, Jalisco / Arqflores

Built in 1970, being in the protected area of the historic district of Puerto Vallarta, Casa de la Torre is already an icon; distinguished by its enigmatic tower and its stone façade, a little alien to the white walls of the town, could we say tropical colonial?

Marina Rechter Rubinstein, Idan Saidi

Ashdod Penthouse / ReMa Architects

The luxurious 150 sqm penthouse with a 150 sqm balcony in Ashdod, Israel, was purchased by the couple in their 30s, while still living in one of the lower floor apartments in the building, looking to upgrade.

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