The APARTMENTS category from HomeWorldDesign can provide a valuable source of inspiration for you, for decorating your own apartment. This category presents apartments with various design styles, sophisticated and minimalistic, for all budgets and from all over the world. Here you will find surprising solutions for designing the ideal apartment. We invite you to a virtual tour of the most special and amazing apartments in the world!

Casa Cirilo / Destudio Arquitectura

Casa Cirilo / Destudio Arquitectura

Located in the heart of Valencia, Casa Cirilo is a comprehensive reform project aimed at infusing modernity and functionality into the entire home. Spanning 120 square meters, the house features a wooden herringbone floor that harmonizes the different rooms

AG-Design Studio

Marina Gate Apartment / AG-Design Studio

Marina Gate Apartment, crafted by AG-Design Studio, epitomizes the essence of contemporary living within the vibrant Marina Gate residential complex. While designing this space, our aim was to create an interior that aligns with modern trends

living room

Sunset Harbour Apartment / Studio RODA

The primary concept for Sunset Harbour Apartment was to make the view and the art collection the focal points, set against a minimalistic interior backdrop. The interiors radiate a serene ambiance with a minimalist yet warm style, allowing the artworks to take center stage.

Wave Apartment / arQB architecture

The renovation of the “Wave Apartment” with its enchanting sea views is marked by a distinctive wave-shaped interior wall that effectively organizes the living spaces. A strategically placed piece of furniture, featuring a large circular mirror reminiscent of a ship’s window


Ramat Gan Apartment / Kan Design Studio

Lovely customers, whose children had grown up and moved out, decided to completely renovate their existing apartment in Ramat Gan. The renovation of the apartment involved a comprehensive dismantling of the entire apartment’s infrastructure

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