Hospitality Architecture

The projects listed in the category Hospitality Architecture invite you to a virtual trip around the world where you will discover great places where you can spend the holidays. You will discover amazing places where amazing architects and designers, highlight their creativity and imagination by designing charming tourist centers and some spectacular accommodations. Also, hotels and hostels all over the world, with “wow” effect for architecture and interior design will delight you while looking through HomeWorldDesign pages. Whether you want to decorate your holiday home or search for a vacation spot, the articles in this category can be useful.

Xiqué Boutique Hotel / Estudio Carroll

Xiqué Boutique Hotel, Oaxaca / Estudio Carroll

Our latest endeavor, the Xique Boutique Hotel in Puerto Escondido, aims to seamlessly integrate tranquility, environmental consciousness, cultural conservation, community growth, and distinctive architectural design.

Harrierfall Hostel / DL Atelier

Harrierfall Hostel / DL Atelier

At the end of 2020, near the Great Wall at Shuiguan in Huairou, Beijing, we designed three projects for Xiaoxi B&B simultaneously, perhaps it is more appropriate to call them rural hotels than B&Bs.

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