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How To Clean White Walls

How To Clean White Walls

Having clean white walls is a very necessary thing for your residences, offices, or any place for having a fresh and natural look of your space. Walls are easy to get dust and stains. So always keep a check on them and maintain cleanliness by using different cleaning solutions. You can maintain the aesthetics of your house. Regular cleaning of white walls can make your house more shiny and it also has a great impact on the healthy environment.

It is highly necessary to clean white walls because the dust particles can cause numerous allergies and can be dangerous for the children living in the house. By cleaning white walls, you can easily remove these risks creating a healthy environment. The stains can become challenging and may lead to becoming permanent. So it is highly important to do regularly maintenance and cleaning of your house walls which contributes to a clean and sustainable environment.

Ingredients for Clean White Walls

You will be requiring different materials to clean white walls. It is essential to know how to clean white walls with the help of different homemade and readymade products:

● Dish soap
● Water
● Vinegar
● Dish sponge
● Cloth
● All-purpose cleaner
● Soft brush
● Buckets

Step 1: Wall Dusting

The first step in cleaning white walls is to do its dusting with the help of a microfiber cloth or dusting brush. It will help you in removing the dirt on your walls. An extendable duster can also be used for the dusting of higher places. Always begin from the top of the wall and follow down to prevent dust from settling on clear areas. It is a very essential first step towards clean white walls leading to a clean environment.

Step 2: Cleaning Solution Preparation

The next step is to take a bucket and add a cleaning solution. The solutions help in providing a natural appearance of the wall. You can use a dish shop or any all-purpose cleaner with warm water for effective removal of dust and stains. For this, you have to mix the equal parts of the cleaning solution as well as the water.

Following are some of the methods of homemade all-purpose cleaners for cleaning white walls:

  • Dish Soap and Sponge Cleaning
    A very common and preferred method for cleaning the hard stains on the walls is to take a soft sponge and a little dish soap on it. Do light tapping with the dish soap on the stains of the wall. You must opt for a mild dish soap that is not composed of harsh chemicals. Also, repeat the process 2 or 3 times if you are not getting the desired results on the first try.
  • Baking Soda Paste
    Take baking soda and put it in a bowl. Go by adding a little water to get a thick paste. Apply the paste on the stains on the wall and clean it by damping the stain. If you are getting any odor from the stains on the wall, then mix the baking soda phase with the vinegar.
  • Magic Eraser
    If the above two methods fail to give positive results, a melamine eraser is used, which is a common solution for cleaning white walls. For this, you have to make a magic eraser which helps in dirt removal. Erasers are very helpful for removing the dirt and the hard stains from the wall.

How To Clean White Walls

Step 3: Testing of Cleaning Solutions

The next step is to check the nature and results of the cleaning solution in a small area. Consider applying a small amount of the cleaning solution on the dirty area with the help of a sponge or cloth. Then wait for some time to see the results.

Step 4: Wiping Down the Wall

After the application of the cleaning solutions on the wall, wipe it with the help of water-soaked clothes or a cleaning solution. So in this way, the whole surface should be cleaned. Always pay attention to different dirty areas to check whether the same sir is visible or not so work in sections to avoid the presence of any cleaning solution on the wall.

Step 5: Clean Water Cleaning

Next, fill the bucket with clean water. A warm water is always a perfect choice which gives positive results for cleaning white walls. Take a dishcloth and use it with water. Then wipe down the entire wall and residues of cleaning solution if available.

Step 6: Wall Drying

The last step is to dry the walls with the help of natural air or a dry cloth. Always ensure that the walls are not wet and are completely dry. A fan can also be used for drawing if you are short of time.

Clean White Walls should be a daily requirement of your house to avoid any allergies or health risks. This is because the clean walls always contribute to the simplicity and well-maintained spaces. It helps in providing a great atmosphere to your home while creating a more comfortable and clean environment. Above mentioned steps need to be followed to clean White Walls.


How often should we remove dirt to clean white walls?

Ans. You can clean white walls once or twice a month. If you notice any visible stains or heavy dirt on your wall, then it can be done daily.

Can bleach be used to clean white walls?

Ans. Bleach is not normally recommended for painted walls because it is a hash chemical and may lead to discoloration. So only choose mild cleaning solutions for dirt removal.

What is the solution to treat the scuff marks on the clean White Walls?

Ans. To remove the scuff marks, use a simple pencil eraser. If it does not provide you with the desired results, then use a damp cloth with a cleaning solution for wiping the scuff marks.

Can we use water to clean the wallpaper walls?

Ans. This varies on the nature of the wallpaper you are having. Some wallpapers are resistant to moisture while some can easily be cleaned with the help of a damp cloth.

Can a pressure washer be used for clean white walls?

Ans. No, a pressure washer can lead to stain damage. So this high pressure is avoided for cleaning white walls. So only stick to the simple cleaning solutions.

How To Clean White Walls

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