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Excelsa kitchen – Handcrafted Kitchen Brings Together Traditional and Contemporary Style

Established in Cittadella in the province of Padova, Italy, in the early 1990s, L’Ottocento produces handmade kitchens interweaving the classic style with the contemporary one. Using old craft techniques complemented with a know-how technical innovation and aesthetic, L’Ottocento takes full advantage of the potential of solid wood and brings to life authentic creations, in which

French Bed: Rafinament, Elegance and Romance in Your Bedroom

Excited by the fragile and delicate beauty of the luxurious French style of the royal epoch, sometimes we can get carried with the eyes of the mind into a world of timeless elegance and the most refined romance. We can bring this French refinement into our bedroom, recreating a world full of sumptuousness but also

Luxury Bedroom and Art – Arredoclassic Bedrooms

Whenever I think about Italian design the word elegance comes to my mind. Arredoclassic is a prestigious Italian brand who has succeeded to majestically combine class, beauty, prestige and style and has created extraordinary pieces of furniture. Designing furniture may definitely be considered a form of art, but when it is classic art that inspires

Daisy Garden Rug – a Playful and Interactive Rug

The young designers from Joe Jin Design Company Ltd, a creative studio in Toronto, Canada, have imagined a playful and interactive rug that can bring more freshness to any room. Daisy Garden Rug mimics a meadow with flowers and can induce the feeling that you are outdoor. Hand – woven, the carpet mimics the grass

Coastal Style – Pleasant and Relaxing as the Sea Breeze

The coastal style originates from the houses located on the Coast of America, especially those located on the Atlantic Coast, being loved by everyone that remembers the moments of relaxation and fun on the beach. In the recent years, one of the fastest growing styles is the American Coastal Style, exceeding the Coastal Ocean Area

Bedroom Ideas – Canopy Bed with Contemporary Design

For many of us, the canopy bed is just a symbol, a representative of the Victorian era, when it was part of the grandious specific design of those times. Then again, how many of us haven’t thought and wondered, at least transitorily, how it would be like to have such a bed in the bedroom?

Modern Living Room with Rustic Accents. Several Proposals and Ideas

How attractive can a modern living room with rustic accents be? Warm, homely and welcoming, the rustic style remains one of the most beloved interior design styles. They say that the rustic style followers have sincere characters appreciating the authenticity and simplicity  of the decors. In the last years, the tendency to combine has increased.

The Horizontal Shower Can “Wash” any Stress and Fatigue

What could we associate with the idea of total relaxation? We believe that a horizontal shower system could eliminate any tension from our body and it could “wash” any stress, revitalizing the body and mind. We stopped at the technology offered by the Swiss company Dornbracht that allows the pleasure of a horizontal shower, providing

Headboard Can Bring Art into the Bedroom

If you intend to give your bedroom a touch of particular identity, the headboard is  an important element that can decisively contribute  to this and that it should be taken into account.

Victoria Faynblat – a Passion for Glamour and Luxury

Born from the desire for beauty and style, for uncommon and spectacular, luxury has been considered the privilege of the rich and famous. It is always related to pleasure, comfort, satisfaction and a sumptuous environment. Luxury is as old as civilization and has been admired as well as criticized. Over the centuries, extravagance has met

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