The APARTMENTS category from HomeWorldDesign can provide a valuable source of inspiration for you, for decorating your own apartment. This category presents apartments with various design styles, sophisticated and minimalistic, for all budgets and from all over the world. Here you will find surprising solutions for designing the ideal apartment. We invite you to a virtual tour of the most special and amazing apartments in the world!

living area

Foyer St Pierre Apartment / Indee Design

The Foyer St Pierre project is a restructuring and renovation of period apartments in Old Montreal. Given the historical aspect of the apartment and the building, the main challenge was to restructure the space


Ygará Apartment / Estúdio BRA Arquitetura

After the first conversation with the future resident, it was decided that the integration of the environments would be achieved through the use of a small material palette and that the furniture would, whenever possible, pass through more than one room.

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