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Making Your Reston, VA Home More Outdoorsy

Making Your Reston, VA Home More Outdoorsy

Some of us can’t get enough of the outdoors. While we, as humans, require shelter to survive the elements, that does not mean spending time outdoors becomes a chore. Perhaps you are a nature-lover yourself, and you would rather sit outside on a brisk morning drinking coffee than cozy up inside in a blanket.

If you own a home in Reston, Virginia, then you have the ability to customize your home so that it feels more outdoorsy. You still spend plenty of time inside, but that does not mean you can’t add a touch of nature to the house to make it feel more connected with the natural environment.

Fortunately, there are plenty of decoration strategies and home projects that you can implement to turn your home into an outdoorsy paradise.

Plant Decor
One of the simplest and cheapest ways to incorporate the outdoors into your home is to add natural greenery to the interiors. A little can go a long way with this strategy. You can start with some small potted plants like a spider plant or aloe vera. If you want to create more of a jungle atmosphere, then there are plenty of species of small trees that can be potted and placed in your family room, kitchen, or even bedroom. Not only will these plants improve the decorative elements of the home, but they will also provide a source of fresh oxygen.

Natural Wood Furniture
Most furniture is cut and shaped very precisely to fit certain geometric shapes. Whether they are made of lumber or metal, they typically have a very architectural shape and design. However, there are plenty of furniture makers that preserve the look of natural wood with their products. While the frames are still shaped and finished to last a long time, the imperfections of natural wood are preserved. This aesthetic makes your home display a woodland theme that can achieve that outdoorsy feel you are hoping for.

A Green Roof
If you want to go big with turning your Reston, VA home into an outdoorsman’s paradise, then you can install a green roof. A green roof is an extension of a normal roof where there is waterproofing, soil, irrigation, and plants. You can cover your entire roof with this feature or just a portion of it, but the effect is similar. Think of a hobbit hole from the Shire in the movie adaptations of The Lord of the Rings series. Your roof will become an elegant green space in your neighborhood, helping you connect with nature and implement sustainable practices. You just have to be prepared for intense green roof maintenance if you go this route.

Natural Tones
Maybe you want your home to feel outdoorsy but in a more understated way. Maybe potted plants are a little too overt, or a green roof is way too much work to maintain. There is still a way to make your home feel more in touch with the natural world around it. The key is to implement earthy, natural tones in the interiors. Some colors that are often associated with nature include brown, green, pine, navy, yellow, orange, and red. You can choose two or three primary colors to have throughout your home from this palette and use them on walls, carpets, furniture, lighting fixtures, and molding/baseboards.

Screened-In Porch
Your home can feel more outdoorsy simply by adding spaces that combine interior comfort with the external environment. One way to do this is with a screened-in porch. Rather than being stuck inside on a rainy day in Virginia, you can still enjoy the fresh air and the sounds of nature while sheltering under your screened-in porch. This space will also make it easier to host backyard events at your home. If you do not have the energy or know-how to build a porch yourself, you can simply hire a screen porch builder in the Reston area.

Connect With Nature as a Reston, VA Homeowner
We should never lose touch with the natural world around us. Whether we live in a busy urban center or out in the country, enjoying the great outdoors is necessary, especially because we are completely dependent on it for survival. These changes in your home can make it feel more outdoorsy so that you, your family, and your guests can stay connected to the environment around you. Whether you choose to decorate the space with plants, add natural wood furniture, install a green roof, implement earthy tones, or build a screen porch, the results will put you more in touch with the natural world.

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