Stephen Phillips Architects

At Stephen Phillips Architects (SPARCHS), we believe it is our responsibility to design livable and socially engaging contemporary environments that satisfy the needs and desires of our clientele. We believe that no design is too small or too large to support greater human values, and that every design has a responsibility to engage in a dialogue with contemporary world culture. As architects, scholars, educators, and researchers, we bring extensive knowledge to our building practice. We engage in the study of a rich building tradition that affects contemporary design, as we offer to our client’s valuable insights that support innovative ideas alongside pragmatic solutions. We listen to our clients. We study and analyze their building programs. We advance creative structures and strongly support environmentally sensitive concerns. Every year our perceptions, skills, and abilities evolve in a concerted effort to produce stronger, more thoughtful, and more contemporary works of architecture. Every building we produce has a unique spatial form and material character that is contributing to an emerging voice developing in the contemporary design field of architecture.

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