Winkelman Architecture

Will Winkelman has been a registered architect in Maine since 1989. A member of the AIA, he has been practicing architecture for 29 years, most of that time focused on residential work. Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, Will graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelors degree in Architecture in 1982.
In the spring of 2007 Will established Winkelman Architecture. A founding ideal was to keep the practice small with the goal of keeping his hand intimately engaged in the detail and nuance of all of the office’s projects. His work is informed by both personal and professional experiences. The hands-on building of his own home with a limited budget on an island site over the course of 8 years gave him a profound education, learning the consequences of “lines on paper”. It also taught an appreciation for the builder’s perspective. His professional work has evolved over the years from a mix of commercial and residential to a practice focused solely on residential work. He has also nurtured an ongoing fascination with industrial design, creating ‘things’ when he can in his home shop.