Outdated Shed? 8 Makeover Tips to Spruce It Up

Outdated Shed? 8 Makeover Tips to Spruce It Up

Are you tired of your dated, dull shed? Give your shed the makeover it deserves with these easy tips. We’ll review a few techniques for turning your outdoor shed into a fully usable space.

Clean Your Shed Out

The first step to a shed makeover is to clean and get rid of any unwanted junk. The best way to do this is to remove everything from the shed. For each item, decide what you want to get rid of and what you want to keep.

This also gives you a good idea of what type of organizational products you’ll need and how much room you have left over for other purposes. This also makes it easier for you to identify any structural repairs that may need to be made before updating your shed’s design.

Give It a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint makes all the difference in the world when it comes to shed design, and you have many options for colors. Go with something neutral to create a consistent theme among all your outdoor structures. You could also opt for a bold color that makes the shed stand out. Consider how you intend to use your shed to help you choose the best color.

Invest in a New Shed Door

Don’t forget about the shed door. The shed door is the first thing you notice, and replacing it helps keep your shed safe and comfortable. If you’re in need of shed door replacement due to rotted wood or peeling paint, by all means, do so. A more durable and sturdy door allows you to turn your shed into usable space for an organization or even a home office.

Wooden or fiberglass shed doors will make your outdoor space look brand new. Custom-design shed doors allow you to personalize your design and choose something that fits perfectly. You can play around with different colors or designs to create a farmhouse or European design theme.

Add Some Life to the Shed

Give your shed some life by adding some plants or flowers to it. You could decorate the inside with some potted plants. You could also plant a flower or vegetable garden in the outdoor area to make the shed stand out even more. You might even consider faux plants for a low-maintenance design.

Connect the Shed to Power

Connecting your shed to a power supply allows you to use it for more purposes. Running an electrical wire to the shed means you can watch TV or work from it. Extra lighting also allows you to work on your favorite crafts or hobbies late at night. Some shed owners may even consider running water, cable, or internet.

Don’t forget about the outdoor lighting too. Add a porch light to the exterior of your new door. A solar-powered motion-activated light is an excellent option because it doesn’t have to be plugged in or charged. Twinkle lights pair well with a lit-up deck or patio space and help create a consistent design for your whole yard.

Focus On Organization

An outdoor shed is an excellent place for increasing your home’s storage. If you’re handy, you might add a few built-in wall shelves to hold your stuff. You could also purchase a few external storage shelves if you don’t want to make permanent changes. A few wall hooks give you extra storage to hang items and keep them off the floors.

Make Your Shed Cozy

Sheds serve many purposes beyond storage. Once you have a new door and power, it’s time to decorate your shed and make it cozy. Add an indoor/outdoor rug to trap dirt and debris. Hang a few pictures on the walls. Put a few pieces of furniture in the shed if you plan to spend time relaxing in there. You could also add a few window drapes or curtains to keep the shed secure and private.

Add a Heater and Fan

You may need a portable heater to use your shed year-round if you live in a cold-weather climate. A ceiling or wall fan helps keep your outdoor shed cool during the warm summer months. Depending on how you plan to use your shed, you could also have actual air conditioning or heat installed, especially if you plan to welcome overnight guests.

Take advantage of your outdoor shed by running power lines and decorating it to make it liveable. Spend your afternoons reading or participating in your favorite hobbies. You could also turn your outdoor shed into a well-organized storage space for all your gardening or yard equipment.

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