Denilson Machado Photography

Lake Refuge, Rio de Janeiro / Leila Dionizios

Comfort and well-being in contact with nature: this is the proposal of Lake Refuge, an 80m² space designed by architect Leila Dionizios in her 5th participation in the CasaCor Rio 2023 exhibition.

Hinsdale Residence / Marcelo Salum Arquitetura

This is a 1,300 m² house located in Hinsdale, in the suburbs of Chicago (USA). It was a relatively new house and my clients bought it and called me to adjust several things inside the house

Parallel House / Studio Guilherme Torres

Guilherme Torres accompanied the young couple from the purchase of the lot - a 463m2 house, built in the 80’s at the heart of a traditional neighbourhood of São Paulo - to the final steps in the remodelling of the house.

Light Home / Studio Guilherme Torres

The building, possibly from the late 1950s, although it was located in a central region of the city, it was built in a leafy neighborhood, presented a mix of styles, arising from successive extensions and renovations, but had the ideal area.

Chez Vous Apartment by TN Arquitetura

The Chez Vous apartment, in Moema – SP, stands out for its’ delicacy and subtlety. The young entrepreneurs couple came to TN Arquitetura with the desire of adding their personalities and optimizing the apartments spaces, making it more cozy and practical.

Open-Floor Family Home in Campinas Instills Peacefulness

The main intention of this open-floor family home project was to incorporate the external spaces into the social spaces of the house, bringing nature to the living areas. To enable this integration between spaces without losing privacy in the most intimate areas of the house, the main divisions between spaces were made through slatted wood folding doors.

The Portobello House Seeks to Reconcile Natural Soil with Architectural Ingenuity

The Portobello house is contiguous to the land, providing a perception of single-storey house on all floors, while the floors become slabs in suspension, that is, terraces in height.