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Perfect Spring Lawn Care: How to in 4 Steps

Perfect Spring Lawn Care: How to in 4 Steps

Spring lawn care can be tiring, but it’s crucial for keeping your home looking impressive. Especially if you’re considering entering your home into the marketplace anytime soon, you’ll need a lean that stuns passersby.

Lantana plant

9 Garden Plants That Are Perfect For Hot Climates

Get your garden off to a good start with hardy plants that can tolerate extreme sun and heat for extended periods. While you may need a nursery and greenhouse to get them started, the following species will enjoy the hotter climes where you live once they mature.

Brentwood Oasis

Brentwood Oasis / B. Jane Gardens

Brentwood Oasis is a project completed by B. Jane Gardens, a landscape design + build studio in Austin, Texas. A hidden oasis in central Austin, this project includes extensive screening vegetation to provide complete privacy to both a large pool/entertaining space as well as a separate private master patio with built-in spa and outdoor shower.

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