living room

Shi House / HW Studio

HW Studio’s Shi House is masterfully positioned on the incline of a picturesque ravine, perfectly poised to capture the enchanting sunset that dips behind the mountain each evening.

Xiqué Boutique Hotel / Estudio Carroll

Xiqué Boutique Hotel, Oaxaca / Estudio Carroll

Our latest endeavor, the Xique Boutique Hotel in Puerto Escondido, aims to seamlessly integrate tranquility, environmental consciousness, cultural conservation, community growth, and distinctive architectural design.

Casa de la Torre / Arqflores

Casa de la Torre, Jalisco / Arqflores

Built in 1970, being in the protected area of the historic district of Puerto Vallarta, Casa de la Torre is already an icon; distinguished by its enigmatic tower and its stone façade, a little alien to the white walls of the town, could we say tropical colonial?

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