Apartment with neoclassical touches by Kvadrat Architects

Apartment with Neoclassical Touches by Kvadrat Architects

In the capital city of Kazakhstan, a modern apartment with neoclassical touches stands in a residential complex surrounded by two beautiful parks. This apartment’s uniqueness lies in its architectural approach, balance, and love for combining natural materials and textures.

living room

Shi House / HW Studio

HW Studio’s Shi House is masterfully positioned on the incline of a picturesque ravine, perfectly poised to capture the enchanting sunset that dips behind the mountain each evening.

Marina Rechter Rubinstein, Idan Saidi

Ashdod Penthouse / ReMa Architects

The luxurious 150 sqm penthouse with a 150 sqm balcony in Ashdod, Israel, was purchased by the couple in their 30s, while still living in one of the lower floor apartments in the building, looking to upgrade.

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