JDE Peet's Office / BIT CREATIVE

JDE Peet’s Office / BIT CREATIVE

The JDE Peet’s office, designed by BIT CREATIVE, occupies an expansive area exceeding 800 square meters, echoing the rich flavors and scents of the coffee and tea that the brand is renowned for.

Palm Studio. Pilates with a Touch of Mexico

Palm Studio. Pilates with a Touch of Mexico

Palm Studio is a place that invites to explore new aspects of body and mind, focusing on a holistic approach to health and well-being. Located in Warsaw’s Mokotów district, this boutique training studio offers a variety of pilates classes


Greenberg Traurig Office / BIT CREATIVE

Greenberg Traurig law firm is located on three floors of Varso Tower, the tallest building in both Poland and the European Union. However, what determines its uniqueness is not only the location.

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