Wyoming house

Wyoming Residence by Abramson Teiger Architects

Wyoming Residence / Abramson Architects

Architects: Abramson Architects Project: Wyoming Residence Location: Wyoming, USA Area: 650 sqm Photography: David Agnello Text by Abramson Architects Echoing the grandeur of the Teton Mountain Range whilst seamlessly inhabiting the adjacent grassland, the Wyoming Residence exhibits a conscientious marriage of form and material. The property‚Äôs zoning restrictions were artfully managed with careful assimilation into […]

Jackson Hole in Wyoming 29

Jackson Hole House in Wyoming / McLean Quinlan Architects

Architects: McLean Quinlan Architects Project: Jackson Hole House Executive Architect: Berlin Architects Structural Engineer: G&S Structural Engineers M&E: CN Engineers Landscape Design: Verdone Landscape Architects Contractor: North Fork Builders Inc Location: Jackson, Wyoming, USA Photographer: Peter Cook, David Angello Jackson Hole is perched high above the town of Jackson with wide views of the snow

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