What Is Full-Service Moving, And What Are The Advantages?

What Is Full-Service Moving, And What Are The Advantages?

So you’re ready to move, but realize that you don’t have the time or the energy to pack, unpack, load, and unload all of your belongings.

The solution? Full-service movers. Below we’ll get into the good and the bad of full-service movers and what to expect to pay to move your entire home in style.

Let’s get started.

What is Full Service Moving?

Full-service moving is when the shipping company packs, unpacks, packs, loads, unloads, and transports your belongings. This is the best type of service for anyone who is short on time and needs help with a busy move.

Full-service moving companies are great for anyone (especially older folk) who has aches and pains and cannot lift heavy objects. It’s also great for anyone limited on time and would rather spend time enjoying their time rather than sweating and performing hard labor.

The best part is, full-service movers are professional and will take much less time than if you were to do it on your own. Instead of hiring friends to give you a hand and feel guilty or obligated about it, you can rely on a few professionals to do all the difficult tasks for you.

Advantages of Full-Service Movers

All Materials Provided
One of the overlooked parts of moving is the required materials. Packing tape, boxes, and vehicles are all going to add up. Plastic wrap, packing peanuts, and cleaning materials will all be provided by the moving service.

By saving on just the materials needed, you’ll take that portion of the cost out of the moving fees themselves. This way, you’ll not be spending much more money than you would have otherwise by doing it yourself.

No Labor Required
By the time you get done packing, loading, and unloading, you’re going to be wiped out! But then you have to unpack and dispose of all the packaging materials. With full-service movers, you won’t have to do any of that. The only thing required from you is instructing the movers where you want your belongings.

This way, you can save your energy, or simply spend your time enjoying life rather than breaking your back and paying for it later. You’ll also save a ton of time as it can take many hours/days to pack up an entire house, and a professional moving service can pack up an entire house and move it within a day.

At a rate of $25-50 per mover, you should expect to spend anywhere from $600 to $2000 if it’s local, but if it’s 100 miles or more, then it may cost anywhere from $2000 to $8000 depending on how big your home is and the mileage required to drive.

Logistics Taken Care Of
All tasks required to help you move will be taken care of by the full moving service. You won’t have to rent a truck, figure out where and when to drop it off, how to get to your destination, or even where to buy packaging materials.

The best part is you can just fly directly to your destination and not drive. Full-service moving companies like Three Movers can also help you ship your vehicle as well if you are wanting to have a stress-free move.

Unpacking is Done for You
Once you’ve arrived at your new home, your moving company will help you unpack. All you’ll need to do is let them know where you want your belongings and they’ll place them right where you want them.

Packing Material Disposed
If you pack up your home, you’ll also need to dispose of all the moving material at the end. Full-service movers do this, without extra charge, so you won’t have to spend any extra energy disposing of the packaging material.

You also won’t be left with unused packaging materials, which is most likely going to happen if you move into your own home.


In conclusion, full-service movers offer a convenient and stress-free solution for those who don’t have the time or energy to handle the entire moving process themselves. With full-service movers, all the necessary materials are provided, saving you the cost and hassle of acquiring them.

The labor-intensive tasks of packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking are taken care of by professional movers, allowing you to conserve your energy and focus on other aspects of your move or enjoy your free time.

Additionally, full-service movers handle all logistics, eliminating the need for renting trucks or figuring out transportation details. They even dispose of the packing materials, saving you from additional cleanup.

While the cost of full-service moving can vary depending on the distance and size of your home, the convenience and time saved make it a worthwhile investment. With full-service movers, you can move your entire home in style and enjoy a smooth transition to your new location.

What Is Full-Service Moving, And What Are The Advantages?

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